Two Proposals

Two proposals for class-action lawsuits:

1. Cyclists injured by open(ed) car doors (i.e. “dooring”) collectively sue Seattle for some version of negligence. I mean, it’s swell that we have bike lanes at all, but putting them in exactly the spot where parked cars’ doors swing open is dangerous to the point of perversity: it’s as if the villain from the Saw movies got onto the city-planning board.

2. People with skin cancer collectively sue industries (or individual companies) which can be shown to directly contribute to depletion of the ozone layer (which depletion increases rates of skin cancer by letting more UV radiation hit the Earth’s surface). Bonus: also sue governments with particularly egregious non-regulation of same industries for some form of negligence. You wanna use markets to solve environmental problems? This is how: bring the externality of pollution and its health effects into the dynamics of the market by suing the living shit out of companies that pollute. Make pollution expensive.


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