Racial bias in Seattle home ownership

For my Psych. Racism class, I made a chart using data for the rate at which applications for home-purchase loans are denied by race/ethnicity in Seattle. As you can see, Whites applicants are significantly less likely to be rejected than are People of Color (PoC), and Black and Hispanic applicants’ rate of denial is double that of Whites.

(All data is from Harvard’s Diversity Data.)


And here’s a chart showing home ownership rates by ethnicity. As you can see, Whites have much higher rates of home ownership than most people of color–the only group that comes close to Whites is Asians/Pacific Islanders. As you can also see, this trend hasn’t changed over the past decade.

chart_2As with pretty much all instances of system-level racism, reasonable people can speculatively disagree about the cause(s) of these disparities: maybe personal racism by loan officers? Maybe because Black and Hispanic applicants tend to be poorer (because of historical racism) and therefore have less collateral? But the only way to say that these numbers arent somehow an effect of racism is to say that PoC applicants are generally inferior to White applicants, i.e. the only way to dispute whether this is racism is to take a racist position.


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  1. BankNightmare · · Reply

    Good example of what I’m reviewing as scapegoating of homeowners especially PoC for Great Recession, financial crash and bankster fraud.

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