How much is too much for saving lives with health care reform?

Ddoublep explains how, while there are legitimate conservative critiques of Obamacare, the republican governors who’ve rejected its Medicaid expansion *and done nothing else* have no standing to level those critiques. They’re just letting the poor die, period.



This week a team of researchers released a study on the change in mortality rates during health care reform enacted in Massachusetts under Governor Mitt Romney, which eventually served as a template for the Affordable Care Act. They estimate that between 2007 and 2010 the overall rate declined significantly, and that the portion considered “amenable to health care” amounting to about 1 saved life per 830 that had gained insurance coverage. This estimated effect was particularly prevalent in low-income counties with higher rates of uninsured.

There’s been a lot written so far about this study. I would recommend Adrianna McIntyre’s summary and Austin Frakt’s editorial to catch up. In another excellent post Harold Pollack roughly extends the math to imagine similar consequences under the ACA, which “implies that ACA will prevent something like 24,000 deaths every year. That’s almost the number of Americans who die in auto crashes. It’s more than the…

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