Dignity in the face of “hood disease”

DdoubleP suggests that students who grow up in a semi-war zone might not grow up with the same values and orientation as middle-class suburban kids.


welcome to Oakland

The headline for this recent story from a CBS affiliate in San Francisco reads “Inner City Oakland Youth Suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.” But the report colloquially describes the CDC-designated PTSD in inner city children as “hood disease” due to the sheer amount of and constant exposure to death in East Oakland.

According to the piece, last year alone, Fremont High School had 47 lockdowns from threats. Roughly two-thirds of recorded murders occurred in East Oakland. Slightly more than 20 percent of residents in the greater area live beneath the federal poverty line. Within the zip code that Fremont serves the percentage of children living in poverty ranges from 20 to 50 percent in some Census tracts.

Teachers and administrators describe the school environment:

“These cards that (students) are suddenly wearing around their neck that say ‘Rest in peace.’ You have some kids that are walking around with six of…

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