Chris Hedges is an unapologetic plagiarist, apparently


Unless parts of this expose by Christopher Ketcham are straight-up lying (which would be weird, considering the kind of scrutiny and heat he’s sure to get), Leftist icon Chris Hedges is a rampant and unapologetic plagiarist. Ketcham compiles instance after instance of Hedges’ plagiarism, ranging from sections of text that are basically copy-pasted into Hedges’ articles from other sources to paragraphs that are superficially rewritten at the level of vocabulary but identical to older sources at the level of syntax.


Hedges is (well, was) a personal hero of mine: a contemporary reincarnation of George Orwell. To find this kind of crass dishonesty in his work is disheartening, to say the least. The silver lining is that Ketcham caught Hedges, and had the guts (despite strong incentives to the contrary) to publish. My heart’s only half-broken.



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