Scott Walker’s “comfortable cocoon”

“[Scott Walker] could eat a child on television and [Milwaukee talk radio] would go on about how it benefits children.”


Do yourself a solid and read Alec MacGillis in The New Republic on “The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker.” It’s a long piece of reporting that chronicles the rise of the (maybe-2016 hopeful) Republican Governor of Wisconsin. His political place is rooted in the sociological geography of Milwaukee and surrounding counties, embedded in the starkest racial segregation, and firmly floating on a bubble of white, conservative talk radio resentment.

There are more important aspects, but I chuckled at this description of the power, and limitation, of Walker’s dependence on the particularly virulent local talk radio environment:

And yet as pedestrian as the speech was, the crowd clearly loved it. This reminded me of what several state political veterans had told me, that Walker’s ascent had not prepared him well for the national stage. In Wisconsin, he occupies a comfortable cocoon; nationally, he’ll face tougher questions and even tougher opponents…

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