Student Leadership’s leadership is broken

An update to my article “Unaccountable Oversight,” describing how SCCC’s student government and student leadership staff have resisted addressing the college’s student press problem.

Central Circuit

Published in the June ’14 Circuit.

If you repeat the same statement over and over again, eventually it will become true. Or so seem to believe key members of Student Leadership.

Two months ago the Circuit published an expose on the administrative termination of Seattle Central’s former student newspaper, the City Collegian. The expose described how the Collegian, which had printed for four decades and won numerous awards, was apparently harassed by the Publications Board (an administrative body which supervises student publications) through a series of secret meetings chaired by the college’s Director of Public Relations during the 2007-08 school years. After the Collegian‘s advisor resigned in protest at the end of that school year, Student Leadership (an entity whose primary function is to provide institutional support to student press and other Boards) failed to hire a new new advisor and prevented the Collegian‘s staff from resuming…

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