The Central Circuit is leaving a legacy

“We fought the good fight. We have made some progress: next year’s staff will receive journalistic training instead of the traditional leadership orientation, and at least now all the PubBoard minutes will be kept on file (and probably etched into stone). But the composition of the PubBoard itself and the policy regarding student journalists and the Director of Marketing and Communications are deeply troubling, as is the fact that interoffice politics seem to cloud the school’s ability to serve its students.

You students of Seattle Central deserve better than a publication gutted by administrative paranoia, and a leadership devoted more to its own promotion than to yours. You deserve something that makes you think, something that probes and asks and, you know, has journalism in it. But barring that, you deserve to know why the student publication that they pay for may have its wings clipped. You need to know where they get their news and how you get their news.”


I’m writing this for my personal blog. As of yesterday, I am no longer an employee of the Central Circuit and Seattle Central College.

While this gives me some more freedom, it also limits my blast range – the Circuit’s content creation cycle technically ended a couple of weeks ago, actually, after the press date of our June issue. I don’t know how firm this restriction is, but I’m holding to it for better or worse.

Part of my duty at the Circuit was to leave a legacy report for my staff advisor and next year’s staff, to assess my learning and growth over the course of the year and help the new graphic designer get a head start on some of the issues they’ll face in creating a professional, quality publication in a hostile environment. At first I put this off because there were other things to do—finals…

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