The Poor Door



Exif_JPEG_PICTURE No poors allowed.

News reports surfaced on Tuesday from New York City that a plan from developer Extell to build a 33-story luxury condo in Manhattan was approved. What makes this development deserving of (any) attention is the developer’s desire to create what’s been described as a “poor door.” This is essentially a separate entrance for lower-income renters living in publicly-subsidized units, all in a section of the building physically segregated from their wealthy neighbors.

Cue the Downton Abbey jokes, right?

Well, sort of. Spatial segregation along class lines is nothing new, and as Bryce Covert mentions in her response poor doors exist elsewhere in the city. Moreover, NYC may well be unique in that such segregation is actually less prevalent than in other metropolitan areas — simply because sheer housing expenses discourages its existence in the first place.

So some folks might just shrug. (I can think of at…

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