Me on PubliCola, plus guest on bikes


I’ve got a newish piece on PubliCola, describing a survey performed by Garfield High students on attitudes about sexual assault among (other) Garfield students. Spoiler: it’s not encouraging.

The results were disturbing: one out of ten students thought that rape was sometimes acceptable—for example, if the two people “are in love” or “have been dating for a long time.”

In less awful news about disturbing attitudes, here’s a fantastic piece from the Medium blog on why urban cyclists are widely despised as dangerous pests, despite being empirically way, way safer than automobile drivers. The punchline: cars are normalized whereas bikes are novel, so we notice the dangers and costs of bicycles while those of automobiles recede into the background of our perception. In the words of a famous musical: TRADITIOOOOOON! TRA-DI-TION!


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