Dear Seattle School Board President Peaslee,


Hi. My name is Caitlin, and we’ve never been introduced. I was at the protest on Tuesday during your Board meeting. But don’t panic! I come in relative peace, meaning in this context that I am actively choosing to assume “rampant misunderstanding” on your part as opposed to “terrible choices.” I am here to give you an out.

Being part of the protest group and hearing your comments on Tuesday, I feel like we’re talking at cross-purposes. Ships in the dialectical night. So I wanted to clarify the position of the protesters for you – OK, not all of the protesters. Me. My position. It’s possibly shared. Could be a good starting point for you.

When you repeatedly return your statements to a place of defending the male student involved in the incident, I am sure you are doing so to prevent further harm to the students in your care…

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