65,840 reasons to be bitter this week (at least)

Republicans may not need to repeal Obamacare; slowly cutting out its legs may cause it to eventually collapse (seemingly) on its own.


I voted 2014 And was clearly in the minority.

I knew the 2014 midterms were going to be bad for Democrats but, damn, that was pretty awful.

However this was more than just election seesawing, the expense of maintaining power, and class voting behavior (though obviously there’s that, too). This was a particularly bad election for millions of low-income uninsured Americans:

Already, nine Republican governors have expanded their Medicaid programs, including a few who easily won re-election last night. And Medicaid expansion has support from hospitals, which hold considerable political clout and have a lot to lose without the infusion of federal funds from the expansion.

But any Republican governors who might consider the expansion next year could face a considerable obstacle: their own state legislatures. Last night’s Republican wave also hit state legislatures, which became even more Republican, and the past two years of Obamacare politics…

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