Let’s not forget those left behind in modern AIDS achievements

Some serious reflection on straight, and queer, hypocrisy vis-a-vis HIV.



I am by no means steeped in the literature behind AIDS research, activism, or outreach, so take this all with the grain of a casually consumer of relevant of headlines outside my interest area. But this strikes me as good news for today’s World AIDS Day:

On World AIDS Day today, activists are celebrating what they see as a pretty major milestone in efforts to combat the deadly virus —for the first time in the past year, the number of HIV patients who started receiving medication was greater than those newly infected with the virus, according to the ONE Campaign.

That marks a “tipping point” in global efforts to fight a disease that’s killed about 40 million people worldwide since it was first reported a little more than 30 years ago, the campaign declared Monday morning. As a “tipping point” indicates, that also means more progress is still needed.

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