Video of Seattle cop breaking woman’s face

You may have heard about how, in June, a Seattle cop punched a drunk lady so hard he broke her face. The Stranger reports that while the city attorney urged prosecution of the cop, the county prosecutor Dan Satterberg declined. Apparently the Dept. of Justice is looking into it.

The video is well worth watching, because no description I’ve read has conveyed how utterly unjustified the punch was. The context leading up to the attack is significant. First, the cop says, “My patience is done. It’s done, ok? It’s over. So somebody’s gonna go to jail. Who’s it gonna be?” He then appears to arbitrarily decide to arrest the woman for making a threat. She repeatedly denies making any threat, right up until the cop pushes her into the back of his squadcar right after he (or possibly his partner) says, “You need to calm down. We’re trying to deescalate here.” Shove.

By this point she’s already in handcuffs. After the initial shove, while the cop is trying to force her further into the car, she kicks at him. It’s not clear whether the kick connects, but in any event the cop moves away from the car door. Someone (unclear who) says, “Fucking bitch!” The cop says, “She kicked me,” then lunges toward the car, through the door, on top of the woman, and punches her in the face. (This is around 2:40.) He then proceeds to breath like an enraged bull while sitting on top of her.


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