“It’s just extra people being in a place they don’t belong.”


Image via Flickr (click through for source)

The way we construct public spaces often fulfills more than just any one utilitarian or aesthetic purpose. We also expect them to enforce normative values, like the right to not be bothered by folks we consider distasteful:

Orlando International Airport is a busy place this holiday week, not just with travelers, but also those who just want to come in from the cooler December nights to get some shut-eye.

Airport employees contacted News 13, saying members of Orlando’s homeless community have been using the airport’s first level to sleep and even bathe in the public bathrooms — and that’s upsetting travelers.

“It is an issue,” said Norma McCann who’s on vacation from West Virginia. “They’re going to starting picking up people’s things that walk away for a second. It’s just extra people being in a place they don’t belong.”

News 13 reached out to airport officials for a comment…

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