Thank You Mike Pence



This week Governor Mike Pence, a Republican (some say dark-horse GOP presidential candidate) and staunch opponent to the Affordable Care Act, announced an agreement with the Obama administration to expand Indiana’s Medicaid program. This makes 28 states so far that have voluntarily opted to expand coverage to low-income uninsured Americans and could potentially benefit 375,000 Hoosiers.

This is a triumph for the precarious in my home state, though to be clear it is a mitigated victory. The expansion is complicated by traditional Medicaid standards, but briefly nearly every component I described last year as a part of the ‘HIP 2.0’ proposal was accepted by HHS. There will be two tiers, separated by the federal poverty line, with everyone below 100 percent having access to ‘basic’ coverage. This will unfortunately include some co-payments, but cannot be revoked and will provide every essential benefit required by the ACA. For an additional contribution…

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