Central Circuit: my first Letter from the Editor

The following is an excerpt from my first Letter from the Editor at the Central Circuit, in our November 2013 issue.

The Central Circuit exists to empower students and the SCCC community as democratic citizens, by providing relevant news and creating a forum for campus expression and discussion. In other words, we are biased: we exist for the people of Seattle Central.

This bias toward promoting the welfare and and agency of Seattle Centrists influences our reporting, in the same way that The Economist and The Wall Street Journal are influenced by existing through and for business professionals. We are not objective because objectivity is not a real thing: the very concept of what counts as “newsworthy” is evaluative. We are, however, honest, in the sense that we are storytellers who are constrained by the facts. Our criterion for what to include in our publication is, “Does it empower students and others as self-determining citizens?” Our criterion for what to exclude is, “Is it inaccurate? Did it not actually happen?” To read our news articles with hyperlinks to our sources, check out our website at SeattleCentralCircuit.com.


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