CHS: Councilors of county and city; coffee w/ a cop

Screenshot 2015-03-13 at 9.02.23 PM

Howard Schultz (left) and Chief O’Toole (middle).

I’ve got three new stories on CHS. First, there’s a profile of King County Councilor* Larry Gossett which highlights his journey from Black Power revolutionary to elected official. Second, there’s an interview with Seattle City Council district 3 candidate Pamela Banks on why she’s running. Finally, I stumbled into a “Coffee with a Cop” event starring Starbuck CEO Howard Schultz and SPD Chief Kathleen O’Toole.

*KC Councilor Kathy Lambert informed me during our interview for the Gossett profile that the proper term for the KC Council is “council member,” not “councilor.” I’m disregarding this because I’m a language snob who hates redundant phrases. We already have a word for a person who is a member of a council, and that word is “councilor.” “Council member” is the equivalent of “security personnel” (instead of “guards”) or “extraordinary rendition” (instead of “kidnapping”).


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