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  1. I work with Tent City Tacoma and we are coming together with Share Wheel TC3 to meet with the Senator and thought you might like to come. Please call for details.
    Kind Regards
    Cheryl Grunenfelder

  2. Brice Perusse · · Reply

    I just called you, approximately 10 minutes ago. I am a student at Seattle central college. I have read over your interests and I am assuming that you care about the troubles that produce havoc not just city wide, but also nationally. Drug use, especially opiate dependence, not only harms personal existence, it also hurts families and the surrounding community.
    I have been doing all I can to alliviate myself and family from the overwhelming consequences of my addiction. Even on methadone, a drug sworn to alliviate and support addicts, turns out to be an equivocal (if not a heavier) health and life quality risk than the pharmaceutical/street drugs they/we wanted to rid our selves of.
    There is a solution. It is called ibogaine, a shrub in Africa that has been referenced throughout Hollywood and the infinite realm of the Internet chat rooms (full of desperation and people praying for answers).
    Your paper reaches thousands in the Seattle area and I simply ask that you spread this message.
    My personal objectives are very clear on my Facebook account.
    I am
    Trying to raise funds to afford this detox treatment via ibogaine in Mexico. I am utilizing I am going to record and document this whole experience regardless of success. I must insist on the significance this would have if you participate.
    This works/society/etc has suffered immensely due to drug addiction. It is time someone stood up and made a difference.
    Regardless of your response. I only ask that you dig deeper into methadone treatment and the proposed solutions its providers claim. This must be revealed or more people like me will be stuck on a drug that is far more difficult to get off of than heroin.

    Brice Perusse

  3. anna sherri · · Reply

    Toxins in wa state waters courtesy of big pharma

  4. anna sherri · · Reply

    Seven Sisters big oil documentary, a must see
    Frackopoly, the book, deals with the oil monopolies

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