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by Casey Jaywork Outside the massive Seattle Central Library, a thirty-something black man—clean shaven in overalls and carrying a bulbous backpack—takes crackling bites from a bright red apple between cigarette puffs. “I don’t want to get a minimum wage job and work hard to still not be able to…

In fall 2016, under immense pressure to look tough in the aftermath of a set of brutal murders at a shanty village, then-Mayor Ed Murray ordered police and other departments to coordinate a mass eviction of The Jungle, a decades-old archipelago of unauthorized tent encampments along and beneath the raised I-5 freeway. Because professional service […]

I recently resigned from Seattle Weekly after covering city hall and houselessness for more than two years as a staff reporter. It was a great ride and I’m thankful to the people I worked with. Now, I’m figuring out my next steps–as a writer, as an activist, as a manager of my own mental illness, and […]

Yanis Varoufakis is a world-renowned economist who is best known for his seven months last year as finance minister of Greece. There, he led resistance against austerity policies during renegotiation of Greece’s debts to the “troika” of the IMF, the European Central Bank and the European Commission. That resistance ultimately failed, and Varoufakis resigned. Now, […]

This blogpost is basically a feelings dump. My work brings me into contact with a fair number of homeless people. As with any journalism, it’s tough to strike the right emotional balance between professional distance and empathy when an elderly woman on the side of 4th Ave. weeps as she tells me she has nowhere to […]

Scott Morrow, the controversial organizer voted out of Nickelsville earlier this month, today released the following letter in response to allegations against him. -CJ Decades ago I began community organizing work with homeless people in Seattle.  The choice wasn’t based on organizing ability but rather a love and enjoyment of homeless people and the homeless […]

About a month ago I bought a Playstation 3, and boy, have I been using it. While a generation out of date, the console has impressed me with the quality of some of its releases. This post is a quick review of some of the games I’ve played so far. Uncharted 1, 2, and 3 […]

Here is previously unpublished video of Seattle police using force on anti-capitalist marchers during May Day 2015. This video begins immediately after a bike officer tackles a black bloc marcher; starting at the 40 second marker in this overhead video, you can see yours truly on the right edge of the screen filming with a white smartphone (I’m […]

Alito’s right: there’s no good reason to extend marriage rights to monogamous gay couples but not to sextuples or non-romantic life partners. The government may have a compelling interest in granting special rights to people who are creating the basic social unit, a life partnership. But life partnerships aren’t necessarily heterosexual, or limited to two people, or romantic.