The first God of War​ is a pretty fun game on a technical level—button-smash fighting plus physical puzzles that you run around to solve—and it looks fantastic for a Playstation 2 title. However, GoW’s aesthetic appears to be engineered for emotionally disturbed teenage boys. You gain life from slaughtering innocent bystanders, every woman is whiny […]

I’ve got some exciting news, but first, my most recent stories: on CHS I’ve got an article covering Central District business owner and Ethiopian immigrant Messeret Habeti’s attempt to create an east African immigrant business association, and another on a miraculously unsuccessful attempted gang killing that happened outside my house in the CD. In the Seattle […]

I’ve got three new stories on CHS. First, there’s a profile of King County Councilor* Larry Gossett which highlights his journey from Black Power revolutionary to elected official. Second, there’s an interview with Seattle City Council district 3 candidate Pamela Banks on why she’s running. Finally, I stumbled into a “Coffee with a Cop” event […]

Yesterday while live tweeting a “Coffee with a cop” event at Starbucks, I inaccurately reported that Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole supports replacing the department’s internal Disciplinary Review Board (DRB, to which officers can appeal disciplinary decisions) with the Office of Professional Accountability (OPA): I misunderstood Chief O’Toole. Here is what she said verbatim: “[The Community […]

The following is an excerpt from my first Letter from the Editor at the Central Circuit, in our November 2013 issue. The Central Circuit exists to empower students and the SCCC community as democratic citizens, by providing relevant news and creating a forum for campus expression and discussion. In other words, we are biased: we […]

I’ve got another new piece on CHS; this one’s one how the political landscape of Seattle has been changed by district elections.

I’ve been sick as a dog so these are both about a week dated, but newish stuff: 1. I’ve got a CHS piece where I talk to Tenants Union director and upstart city council candidate Jon Grant about his quest to vanquish one of two incumbents, and 2. another piece covering a judge’s call for […]

The following is part of an essay I wrote when applying to journalism grad school. Following the thread of yesterday’s post on how objectivity (as normally understood) isn’t a thing, this post considers a possible re-definition of the term to make it both a plausible and desirable trait of journalists. _________________________________________________ Question: Is objectivity a […]

As a journalist who tries to write about things that matter, I occasionally get flack from folks who think I’m not being ‘objective’ enough. For example: Usually what these critics mean is that my angle is insufficiently flattering to their own worldview; accusing me of violating (what they take to be) one of the basic rules […]

According to The Stranger, Seattle police chief Kathleen O’Toole told the city council last week that during the #BlackLivesMatter protests that have rocked the city for months, police “certainly never told protesters where to march.” This was met, The Stranger reports, with cries to the contrary from the crowd. As The Stranger and my boss at Capitol Hill Seattle […]